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“…reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll…” – Goldmine
“Are you ready to have your mind blown – but in a good way? Meet Love Crushed Velvet…” – Goldmine
“A really a fun listen…that will keep you coming back” – New Noise Magazine
“one of the first artists to embrace VR in an accessible way for a broad audience.” – New Noise Magazine
“Fans of post punk will enjoy this walk down memory lane that doesn’t get so bogged down in nostalgia that it forgets that it’s 2022. It also doesn’t get too melancholy in its post punk, bringing in a lot of hopeful moments to keep the whole record from getting too dark.” – New Noise Magazine
“diverse, edgy and enticing” – Top Shelf Music Magazine
“Carefully crafted songs combine elements of alternative, glam, post punk, new wave, modern and classic rock, and the roster of producers and musicians A.L.X. has worked with is impressive, to say the least.”  – Top Shelf Music Magazine
“This music video is visually stunning.” – Raised by Cassettes 
“Music for times based on taking a walk on the riot side.” – Midwest Record



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