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September 7, 2022 – Special thanks to the following radio stations for adding our single “Saddened Eyes” to their rotation.

KMET (Denver, CO), WPCD (Champaign, IL), M3 Radio (Brooklyn, NY), WSWI (Evansville, IN), WSPN (Saratoga Springs, NY), WODU (Norfolk, VA) and WHFR (Dearborn, MI).

August 4, 2022 – Special thanks to the following radio stations for playing our single “The Future”

WPCD (Champaign, IL), CHIRP (Chicago, IL), Met Radio/KMET (Denver, CO), KCR Collage Radio (San Diego, CA), WSWI (Evansville, IN), KWCR (Ogden, UT), WDRK – Converge Radio / Digital Only (Eau Claire, WI), WHRW (Endicott, NY), WSPN [Temporarily Digital] (Saratoga Springs, NY), WUVT (Blacksburg, VA), WWVU (Morgantown, WV), KMSC (Moorhead, MN), WSKR / Spinnaker Radio (Jacksonville, FL), WHFR (Dearborn, MI), WKCO (Gambier, OH), Newtown Radio (Brooklyn, NY), KRJF (Santa Rosa, CA), KUPR (Placitas, NM) , WBTV (Burlington, VT), KMNR (Rolla, Mo), CIVL (Abbotsford, BC), WLOY (Baltimore, MD), KLCZ (Lewiston, ID), KRKQ [Digital Only] Ouray, CO, KQUA (Roseburg, OR), AM 1700 (Ypslanti, MI), CJUM/UMFM (Winnipeg, MB), WNIA / Big Bang Radio [Digital Only] (Rocky Mount, NC), WUWF (Pensacola, Fl), The Sound Lab UK (Lyneham), Dr. Dan’s New Music Explosion // River Gibbs Network (London, UK), WPKN (Bridgeport, CT), WQFS [Temporarily Automated] (Greensboro, NC), WRRG (River Grove, IL), WGDR (Plainfield, VT), WICB [Temporarily Digital] (Ithaca, NY), KEXP (Seattle, WA), KWVA (Eugene, OR), KXCI (Tucson, AZ), KRSC (Claremore, OK), WHSN (Bangor, ME), Hamilton, ON

July 22, 2022 – The new LCV album “Souls and the Barren Heart”

 The new LCV album “Souls and the Barren Heart” is now fully released! Produced by David Maurice and recorded with a killer band that includes Alex Carapetis (drums), Rob Ritchie (guitar) and Erik Deutsch (keyboards), these songs will remain a foundational part of LCV’s catalog.  We are thrilled to finally be putting these songs out there, and it’s available on all major music distribution outlets.

July 15, 2022 – The “Saddened Eyes”

VR/360 music video is now live!  Check it out in the Videos section, or directly on YouTube.

July 7, 2022 – LCV Plays Naples, Italy

A.L.X. joined with local musicians Guido Minervini and Lorenzo Grison at the stunning Made in Cloister art foundation, playing a 10 song set of old and new LCV songs.  Check out some of the footage on the LCV Instagram page!https://www.instagram.com/lovecrushedvelvet/?hl=en

June 2022 – 360/VR Video for New Single “The Future”

Produced in 2019 with digital artist Elis Ekdahl, the first music video developed in virtual reality for general distribution is now live! See it under the “Videos” section.

Feb 2022 – Back to playing live!  

A.L.X. broke a 2 year-Covid performing hiatus to play at Le Rouge club in Miami to benefit the Les Couleurs charity.  Great to be onstage again!  Footage can be seen on the LCV Instagram page.

December 2021 – Mixing has Started! 

Curt Schneider has started mixing the newest batch of songs from LCV and Kiyanu Kim.  They’re sounding great!

September 2021 – In NYC working on New Music 

A.L.X. is back in NYC to do some sessions with longtime collaborators Jimi K Bones and David Maurice, working on overdubs for the LCV/Kiyanu Kim recordings. We’ve got some very cool songs!

July 2021 – In the studio in Italy. 

A.L.X. just arrived in Italy to work with David Kiyanu Kim and Marco Franzoni at Fuzztronic Studios near Brescia, Italy. On the schedule are vocals, drums and overdubs for the project that A.L.X. and Kiyanu started in January. Keep up with it on the LCV Instagram page!