Lead singer and songwriter A.L.X. | Photo by John Mazlish

New York City is about excess. Opulence. Skyscrapers. Celebrities on the sidewalk. The wattage of Times Square at night. Grit underground. Subways trains stopping–if you’re fast enough to catch them.

Fashion, parties, ten-hour workdays, do it all again tomorrow. But disquiet lies beneath…

Love Crushed Velvet is from New York City.

Love Crushed Velvet blends alternative, glam, and classic rock into a contemporary sound that retains a strong sense of melody and edge. On the heels of their critically-acclaimed debut album, Love Crushed Velvet has now released a compelling new EP that cements the band’s place in the world of dark, melodic rock. Musically the band is driven by the writing of lead singer/songwriter A.L.X..

Channeling emotional turmoil through muscular, post punk aggression, the band shows off exceptional emotional and stylistic range in an album that has been compared to the rock and roll equivalent of a James Bond film: worldly, muscular, fully cognizant of the danger that lies underneath its smooth veneer and unafraid to show what’s behind the veil—on its own terms.

Complementing its virtuoso recordings with a compelling live show that is reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll, Love Crushed Velvet has carved out a unique place in today’s music world, paying homage to the past while remaining firmly grounded in the present. 

Praise for Love Crushed Velvet’s debut album:

“Future superstars:  The best band we’ve ever heard with the word ‘velvet’ in the name…rock n’ roll with a trimmed and polished edge”
—Black Velvet Magazine

“One of the best albums we’ve received all year—worthy of endless radio airplay”
—Steel 93 Radio

“Pure, throaty, blood-pumping stuff to get the masses moving.  For rock fans looking for something that’s at once familiar yet fresh”

“One of the best indie albums of the year”
—Static Magazine